2004 IAVCEI General Assembly
Pucon, Chile

Villarica Volcano, Pucon, Chile, November 2004

The Grand Pucon Hotel The venue for the IAVCEI (International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior) General Assembly, the Chilean BBQ and presentations of local dance and music
The Town of Pucon Our host town, 8km from the base of villarica, the most active volcano in Chile, including trees, birds and local flair.
Out and About Around Villarica Volcano Traveling around studring lahars and lava flows from the recent activity of the volcano
Wine and Dine A few spectacular culinary treats
Volcanoes of Chile By the USGS Cascade Volcano Observatory
Lake District of Chile By Chile Discover: Chile travel, tours and hotels
Servicio National de Geología y Minería de Chile Natioanl Survey of Geology and Minerals of Chile

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