2004 Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
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Mutnovsky Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia August 2004

Beginning Arrival in Russia and hike out to camp, through the town of Yeselovia
Camp Mutnovsky / Gorely Our first camp
Mutnovsky Craters First hike into Mutnovsky Craters
Camel Mountain Hike out to a volcanic dome past Camel Mtn.
Mutnovesky West Hike up over Mutnovesky to overlook Viluchinsky and the Mutnovsky Geothermal Power Plant
Bushwhack A hike, better yet, a bushwhack
Camp Hot Springs Second camp
JKASP Conference: Japan-Kuril-Aleutain Arc Subduction Processes
Petropavolosky_Kamchatsky The city the conference took place in
Karymsky Helicopter Tour self expainitory
Another participant's Kamchatka website Charles Kieser: Kamchatka Website
Tourism in Kamchatka, Russia website An Introduction to Kamchatka
Volcanoes of Kamchtka website Volcanoes of Kamchatka

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