Denali National Park, AK July, 2004
Although not completely uncovered, not a bad view of the famous Denali (aka Mt. McKinley).
Another vantage, but the dark green-grey material is what the shot is of, a glacier with lots of rubble on top!
Mountains near one of the Tokalinana (sp?) rest areas.
A headless moose. Spooky!
Whoops, gues she was just munching on some lake grasses.
Ain't she just the sweetest thing?
There are a great number of plants and flowers at Denali I don't recognize.
As far as you could drive. This is the Savage River, ~16 miles into the park. We parked here and hiked all day.
What a 'bou! Check out his rack!
Our parting wildlife!


Updated 11/06/05
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