Iditarod 2007
It's one of those 6 legged, two headed breeds!
And you thought "Aurora" was bright shiny lights in the Northern sky! We had you fooled!
Awe, ain't he cute!
And here come the Big dogs!
Not so typical, but likely you've head of husky pups with one blue eye and one brown one.
Nice green booties - eh?

Do you feel surrounded? Do these pups breed like rabbits? Here's Ol' Blue Eye with his clan.

Um, uh, which way do we go, which way do we go?
Yahoooooo! I am excited!
These red booties match my tongue - see?
...and these red booties match AK Sen. Lisa Murkowski's hat - see?
and Musher 50's parka.
Musher 52 and anchor.
I think they were rooting for the Norwegians - I just have a feeling about it.
Rucker and Jon in awe of the spectacle! Yes, it was so cold that Rucker had to borrow my Tina Turner look-alike hat.
John, the Black Bear Man(?), Rucker, the Wolf Man in downtown Anchorage at the False Start.
(Too bad no Tina Turner hat on Rucker.)
An amazing seal skin coat with beaded detail above the bottom ruff.
A cutie pie Siberian Husky - they typically have so much fur on their paws they don't wear booties.
Closer up, can you make out the differences between these and Alaskan Huskies like JR?
Both breeds like to curl up in the sun, that's for sure.


Updated 07/16/07
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