2008 Kodiak Island, AK

Bison (yes, the live wild on the Island).

Boat cemetery near Women's Bay.
Boulders at Fossil Beach, near Pasagshak River State Recreation Site.
Is that a merman in the seaweed?
Not quite, but he'll do!
and that isn't no small truck... (Crab pots)
and that aisn't no short man!
artsy fartsy crab pots.
Can I dignify that with a comment?
Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park
Back to Fossil Beach
Mollusks (bivavles) fossils at Fossil Beach
Brian at Fossil Beach.
inside of that big pipe, can you see Brain at the other end?
White "sand" (Novarupta, 1912 volcanic ash) mixed with black sand at beach on Monashka Bay, near Anton Larsen Bay.
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