The locket is from Argentina - the beaded necklace I did here in Anchorage (gifted).
I choose these beads to match the jacket I made. I hope to use these beads and more on my mukluks if we have the class this winter.
Blue flower pin (gifted).
Red flower pin (gifetd).
This red flower patch is sill awaiting a mate and then they will be sewn onto black gloves with black rabbit fur trim!
This is a barrette (gifted).
Pink and white and orange-striped flower barette (gifted).
I did the beadwork and the ruff work on these gloves. The fur is bunny. The beading style is Native Alaska. I took the 1st level of a Native beading course through Anchorage Department of Parks and Recreation. The beads are called "seed beads. These are size 11 glass beads.

Updated 5/08/09
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