Alaska Volcano Observatory Black Peak Trip July 2003
Jennifer Adleman, UAFGI
Jessica Larsen, UAFGI
Tina Neal, AVO South
Game McGimsey, AVO South
Michael Ramsey, UPitt

Water falls among the pyroclastic debris flows outside of Black Peak caldera.

Background left is Aniakchak, right is Mt. Griggs. Mid-ground left are Tertiary volcanics from prior volcanic peaks of the region. Mid ground right is the altered rim of Black Peak caldera and foreground are the present day dacitic domes within Black Peak caldera.

"Mucky Lake" to the right and a higher dome lake to the left sit within Black Peak caldera. Beyond "Mucky Lake" lay pyroclastic flow deposits from the caldera forming eruption at Black Peak.

In the background are low areas of pyroclastic flow deposits from the Black Peak caldera forming eruption, foreground are present day dacitic domes inside Black Peak caldera.

Camp, July 22-25, 2003. Maritime Helicopters, Homer, AK Jet Ranger far right. Also to far right is altered rim of the caldera of Black Peak.

"Camp Lake" area within Black Peak caldera.

Large bear print on rim of Black Peak caldera. Jenn's size 10 boot for scale.

Jenn and Maritime Heilcopter's Bell Jet Ranger N301MH.

Purple Lake - never looked purple to us; within Black Peak caldera.

Bears along Boulevard Creek south of Black Peak.

Flowers are the highest point on the Black Peak caldera rim.

Port Heiden, AK. Carol's B&B is the 7th cluster of buildings in the middle region of the image on the right hand side of the road (just beyond the bringt pink ones).

Port Heiden Airport, Alaska.

"Mucky Lake" area and altered caldera rim of Black Peak caldera.

Thesis Research at Black Peak

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