March 2003, Fairbanks, Alaska

Brian. Brrrrr.....

C'est le Brian, brrrr!

Hello... hello... helllll-oooooo....... (Brian)

Who is that Eskimo lady?
Jenn + wolf hat... Mmmmmm, toasty warm!
Open North America Sled Dog Race (Official Page)

Cut to the chase, a new winner this year, 21 year-old Canadian Buddy Streeper.

Before Buddy reached the Finish line.

Dog in thought while lined-up at the start.

Good luck licks!

Pretty doggies. Siberian huskies, from MN. Slow, but cute.

Run, run, I mean mush, mush!

Magali Philip, from Nenana, AK and her team scream out of the chute!


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