Midnight Sun Run 2004
Jazzercise at the beginning for warm ups, along with the local radio station Magic 101.1 station DJ's.
Brian, modeling the front of the shirt (and his new glasses!) This year's sponsors, See the Fairbanks Daily News Miner's artcile about the winning racer.
Did I mention there's costume catagory? Makes for amusing entertainment along the race course.
Rumor was there were over 3,500 participants.
I guess some folks needed a bit of a pull, but I can't imagine these pups contributed much.
Along the entire route folks had parties, squirted the passing participants with hoses and sprinklers, I guess this guy just wanted to rub it in!
Oh, gee whiz, we're walking it (what? did you think we'd run it?)!
We're happily lolly-gagging along the route. It was a swealtering 90 degrees F out, and the race started a little after 10pm! For Race info. and results go to the Midnight Sun Run.


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