Nosy's Page
She just loves our computer chair. When we got it from ValueVillage (used) it was covered with cat hair. We thoroughly cleaned it, but she seems drawn to it. Such a goofy girl!
Nosy and mama. Our chair is her perch. Devil Kitty, just look at those eyes!
Nosy sat on the holiday package my sister sent us. She just loved it. Maybe because Nosy's cousins Maggie and Nutmeg helped my sister and her husband pack the box. (Still Devil Kitty!)
Nosy finally got her own bed. For a while she'd only use it if was plopped on our bed.
Oh, and she snores!
We finally compromised. She gets to see the lay of the land over our bed via the window sill. Notice the picture next to her. She's recently acquired one of her JR on the other side of her bed.
Of course, JR thought that sleeping on our bed looked like a fine idea!


Updated 05/15/08
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