Recent days for JR

JR loves Kongs, rubbery toys that you can stcik all kinds of treats in. It's as close to playing as he gets. Here he's guarding his Kong in the Seward, AK campground. He slept in the tent with us, but in the morning he jumped in the car and wouldn't get out for hours. Guess his camping days on the Iditarod trail were enough!

Who says Husky's don't like to swim. JR is taking a dip just accross the Bay from Seward (yes, he finally got out of the car!)
Rough day, must take nap and protect Kong.
JR did have an excellent Chrismiskah this year. I can't even find the rawhide bone, wonder if he ate it all. Yes, that's a green poochie woven into his stocking! The treat in his mouth, peanut butter bone, his daddy insisted.
Speaking of holidays, JR met one of his first kitties this Thanksgiving. It was then that we realized that JR truly has an obsession with kitties. He wouldn't get less than, or more than about 2 feet from this critter.
Between the yellow-eyed cat and the red-eyed dog, who knows what happened to the stuffed moose in between them!
Here's his true feline love! Xena hid under the bed for the first few days JR and I were housesitting her owner's place. Once she came out, it was love at first sight for JR.
Who couldn't love her!
He's obsessed!
I think maybe she liked him too. She sure loved to stretch out on the floor!

Updated 6/28/06
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