My little helper Nosy!
An amazing amount of flannel here - I bought 12.5 yards - all that was on the bolt - and then I bought 5 more yards online. The comforter is 98" x 87" and pillowcases are ~ 22" x 32". Green thread - which oddly enough I already had (see below). I also learned that Nosy really, really likes to play with the measuring tape when I sew. Brian lassoed her with it and took her down! Fang!
I made this kuspuk for my friend's 10 year old son. He's Yupik and I think he'll look so handsome in white! This is my 1st child's size kuspuk and it took a lot less time to make! Originally I choose white Kona cotton and was going to line it with the same, but the helpful staff at The Quilt Tree found this fine guage cordourouy for me so I didn't have to line it!

I made this kuspuk for my older sister who lives in Mississippi! Wonder how it'll go over down South. It was a combined June-birthday / Chanukkah / Christmas present for her.The maroon velvet was fabric she had purchased a long time ago and sent to me, the one with the sewing machine, should I like it. I like it a lot with this green and gold floral pattern. She sent me measurements using a guide provided by folks who make kilts and accompanying jackets - she says it fits so I guess it works!
The front (above) and back (below) of my most recent baby quilts. This one, surprise, surprise, is for a girl. Now stop having babies so I can catch up on my baby quilt making!
Another kuspuk-type jacket. This one is also zip up and it skirted! The fabric is upholstery weight.The hood has a funny peak I didn't quite catch on film, very umpa-lumpa like.
Grandma's Mother's Day pillow. hand sewn, quilted and beaded (gifted)!
This is my 1st baby quilt sized quilt. It's a little katty-wampus, but I'm pretty proud of it nonetheless (gifted).
This fall I took a parka sewing class taught by the woman who made my wedding parka.. Since I have a parka (see my parka photos), I wanted to make a jacket. Here it is! The women in the class shared everything. At the time I didn't have a sewing machine and the instrictor allowed me to use hers. I didn't have the gold rick-rack or fabric glue, other students gave me these items.
Detail, and more true colors. The flower patterns are supposed to designate what viilage the wearer is from and if s/he is single. I am not quite sure what this one says. The pattern may be from Bethel - somewhere in Interior Alaska. I now have a sewing machine (my husband listens even when I don't think he is!) and want to take a quilt class. The instructor of this class may teach a mukluk class (moose hide and beaded) this winter!


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